Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading Course


Course Description

Self-pulse reading is the most ancient and most natural means of determining the level of balance or imbalance in the mind and body. This course presents Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s revival of this ancient technology to determine the state of the inner intelligence of the body. Everyone should learn Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading to maintain one’s own health.

Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading allows one to detect imbalances early before they manifest as disease. Reading the pulse allows one to precisely determine where the imbalance is and how to restore balance. Furthermore, pulse reading is therapeutic in itself. Just taking the pulse increases the balance in the pulse and thereby the balance of the whole mind and body. Taking the pulse enlivens the connection between mind and body, consciousness and matter.

The Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading course is a requirement for graduation with the BS in Physiology and Health.


Paul J. Morehead, PhD, is an educator and practitioner of Maharishi AyurVeda. He has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for 43 years and Maharishi AyurVeda for 28 years. Teaching these technologies for health and inner development, and seeing the immediate transformation in people’s lives, is his greatest fulfillment.

Lesson Titles

Lesson 1: How to Feel the Pulse Free Preview
Lesson 2: Locating the Qualities of Vāta, Pitta, and Kapha in the Surface Level of the Pulse
Lesson 3: Feeling Vāta, Pitta, and Kapha in the Pulse
Lesson 4: Locating the Deep Level of the Pulse
Lesson 5: Feeling Ojas in the Pulse
Lesson 6: Daily and Seasonal Cycles of Nature in the Pulse
Lesson 7: The Six Tastes, Agni, Digestion, and Diet
Lesson 8: Feeling Imbalances in the Pulse: Vāta
Lesson 9: Feeling Imbalances in the Pulse: Pitta
Lesson 10: Feeling Imbalances in the Pulse: Kapha
Lesson 11: Locating the Subdivisions of Vāta in the Pulse
Lesson 12: Locating the Subdivisions of Pitta in the Pulse
Lesson 13: Locating the Subdivisions of Kapha in the Pulse
Lesson 14: Progressive Stages of Imbalance in the Pulse
Lesson 15: Agni and Metabolism
Lesson 16: Summary and Conclusion

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