Program Structure for the Online MBA in Sustainable Business


Program Structure

The online MBA is offered in conjunction with the Evening-Weekend MBA program classes given on campus.

  • Courses follow the standard MIU semester calendar beginning in August and February.
  • The program is offered in a cohort model, one course at a time for all students.
  • Students may start at the beginning of any semester.
  • Two-credit courses last 4 weeks, and four-credit courses last 8 weeks.

The degree requirements for the 58-credit MBA program can be fulfilled in six semesters, including two summers as extensions of the spring semesters.

  • Students, who wish to join the on campus MBA with the daytime class schedule, may do so at the beginning of any semester after meeting admissions requirements.
  • All credits from the online MBA will be recognized.

All students begin their first semester with:

  • A four-week, 2-credit “Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC),” a foundational course in Consciousness Based Education that explores deep principles for holistic development of body, mind and consciousness.
  • Each of the subsequent semesters begins with a two-week, 1-credit “Forest Academy” in which the faculty lead students in a deeper reflection on business based on the knowledge taught in the STC course.

Weekly Class Schedule

  • The Evening-Weekend MBA courses are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:30-9:00 pm US Central time and Saturday mornings 10:00-12:00 noon.
  • The class sessions are video-conferenced live via the Internet and are recorded for students whose time zone or work schedule does not permit synchronous participation.
  • Readings and homework account for another 7-10 hours of academic work per week.

Focus on Sustainable Business

  • The theme for each semester is based on one of the main business functions: marketing, accounting, operations, etc. The semester begins with an introductory course on that theme and ends with a course on sustainable business in the context of that theme.
  • Students completing this program will earn the MBA specialization in Sustainable Business.

Shorter degree requirements if you have a business BA degree

If you have an undergraduate degree with a major in business, you may receive waiver credit for any of the seven Foundation areas in which you received a grade of B or higher: Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, Business Law and Ethics, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, and Sustainable Business. Maximum of 18 credits may be waived.


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