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Dr. A. Thimmaiah (Dr. Thim) is a globally respected expert on organic and biodynamic agriculture and an advocate for self-sufficient farming systems worldwide. He promotes a regenerative, low-carbon approach to restoring the health of the earth and producing the healthiest foods for the most people. Through constant innovation and research, Dr. Thimm plays a leading role in the development of programs that support food security, regeneration of the earth, and rural poverty reduction.

Dr. Thimmaiah has advised leading agribusiness companies, non-governmental agencies, farmer groups, research organizations, and governments in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Holland, Bali (Indonesia), and Italy. As a consultant to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of Bhutan from 2008-2013, he developed the organic standards, training manuals, and zero-cost certification system to empower the entire nation to go 100% organic by 2020.

Course Description

Dr. Thimmaiah’s online non-credit course, Biodynamic Agriculture, introduces students to the principles and practices of growing plants biodynamically. Using the well-established, scientific methods of organic farming, biodynamic agriculture takes them one step further by integrating spiritual practices into the system.   

This course is designed to help anyone interested in growing plants: You may be growing a flower or vegetable garden in a small urban plot, or managing a small or large farm, or growing potted plants indoors. If you wish to implement the healthiest practices for your plants and soil, this course is for you.

Students will understand soil as a living entity, not as “just dirt.” They will learn about soil regeneration, the agronomic makeup of soil fertility, nutrient cycling, and vital biodynamic preparations. The spiritual aspects of biodynamic agriculture will be discussed, in particular the importance of attuning plants or crops to the biorhythms of nature, including planets and constellations.

Course Structure

This course consists of four pre-recorded lessons which you may study at your own pace:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Biodynamic Agriculture
  • Lesson 2: Biodynamic Principles and Practices
  • Lesson 3: Biodynamic Preparations
  • Lesson 4: Biodynamic Preparations and the Lunar Calendar
  • More…

As you take the course, you are welcome to email Dr. Thimmaiah with questions.

More about Professor Dr. Thimmaiah

Dr. Thimmaiah says that, while sustainable agriculture aims to keep the soil from degenerating, biodynamic agriculture works to improve the quality of the soil and food to a level that is better than even 100 years ago. He says,” This is a regenerative form of agriculture where every act of farming builds soil biology and produces nutrient-dense food.”

“We bring spiritual values into our scientific, organic practices,” Dr. Thimm explains, “by acting in tandem with nature’s intelligence, rhythms, and forces.” He adds, “We have a responsibility to heal our earth.” Dr. Thimm teaches us how.

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